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Rising Together to Champion Teaching and Learning

About Lopes Teach Up

Teaching is more than a career: It's a calling of purpose and passion for educators to change lives. Although rewarding, this profession is often met with rigorous challenges and lack of support that can, unfortunately,  lower the drive and morale of even the most passionate teachers.

Be an Advocate: Lopes Teach Up strives to transform the rhetoric of education by shining light on the profession and brightening its outlook. Our mission is to shift the current conversation surrounding the hardships of teaching to refocus on how education is a career of servant leadership. It's an opportunity to empower, enrich and elevate students in impactful and enduring ways.

Job satisfaction and teacher appreciation can lead to heightened student achievement and a better quality of life. Let's join as one in the spirit of education! Together, we can support one another and follow our higher purpose to teach as champions of teaching and learning for better futures.

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Get Involved & Pledge to Make a Difference

Teaching truly is one of the greatest and noblest professions. As our students embark on their teaching journeys, we stand behind them and hope they never lose sight of why they choose to teach. Take the pledge to:

  1. LIVE your purpose
  2. SHARE your passion
  3. INSPIRE the future

Join the conversation with #LopesTeachUp and connect with us:

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Sign the Pledge to Teach Up

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Top of the Class Podcast

Be inspired. Get informed. Meet leaders in education and MORE.

Top of the Class, developed by educators for educators, focuses on lifting the perception of teaching in our communities and celebrating it as an honored profession. This podcast will feature special guests and hot-topic conversations like:

  • Tech Trends
  • Rising Up: Becoming a School Leader
  • Supporting Your Students in Need

About the College of Education

In the College of Education (COE), students carry out their passion to inspire minds and change lives across a variety of school and community settings. With a rich heritage as a prestigious teaching college established in 1949, we ensure our programs continue to meet the changing, diverse needs in education and provide opportunities that create meaningful learning experiences. GCU's commitment to student success extends beyond graduation as we continue to offer support and services during a graduate's first year as a new teacher or administrator.

Our Mission: Our college inspires excellence in pedagogy and scholarship; advances reflective, innovative and collaborative teaching practices to maximize student learning and achievement; promotes servant leadership in educational communities; and engages a diverse and global community of learners with purpose and passion.

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Educational Opportunities

We support our students by offering a wide range of education degree programs and emphases at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Current teachers may also receive training from GCU faculty to serve as a dual enrollment instructor, as well as pursue a single course, continuing education or a minor to enhance and broaden their skill set.

Teaching in Purple

Join us on Teaching in Purple, COE’s blog, to find your purpose and passion in the field of education. Discover inspirational stories from future teachers, faculty, staff and alumni from GCU. Peek inside the classrooms of today to shape your classroom of tomorrow. You will look great in purple!

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