GCU Elementary Dance Tour 2023

Stewards of Our Beautiful Earth

The 2023 GCU Elementary Dance Tour students present “Stewards of Our Beautiful Earth,” a show that offers audiences an opportunity to learn about our ecosystems, climates, the four seasons, elements of the earth and the animals that walk upon it. This live performance aims to bring awareness and education and teach age-appropriate calls to action! Audiences will learn how to have respect for nature and be a steward of the earth and its resources.

Following the performance, students of the GCU Elementary Dance Tour will facilitate creative movement workshops appropriate for K-6 students. The class encourages interaction, collaboration and community building. This class is accessible to all ages and abilities by avoiding specific techniques and styles of dance. The class will focus more on creative movement exploration, as it facilitates cognitive benefits such as creative problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration, comprehension and composition. Students engage in a social capacity through cooperation and collaboration.

Students can build emotional intelligence through movement experiences that are shared with others by gaining confidence in themselves and awareness of their bodies and others.


For questions, contact:

Candace Stewart
Program Manager
[email protected] or [email protected]

Registration and Scheduling

The 2022-23 Elementary Dance Tour dates have been filled. For 2023-24 priority scheduling, please email [email protected].

Ethington Dance Ensemble

The GCU Elementary Dance Tour operates through the Ethington Dance Ensemble, a faculty-led organization serving as a professional dance company at GCU. The Ethington Dance Ensemble provides students with opportunities to explore the creative process from rehearsals to live performances.

Members of the Ethington Dance Ensemble strive to lead and serve in their communities by presenting imaginative work, honoring tradition and inspiring the next generation. Since our first season in 2012, our GCU Elementary Dance Tour casts have visited thousands of local students!

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