GCU Elementary Dance Tour 2024

In My Heart

Students performing in the 2024 GCU Elementary Dance Tour will be presenting “In My Heart,” an interactive live dance performance designed to immerse K-5 audiences in an exploration of emotions and self-awareness. Through this interactive experience, audiences delve into the diverse spectrum of their day-to-day feelings and learn mindfulness in processing their emotions. This live performance aims to foster self-awareness, empathy and mindful movement. Audiences will embark on a journey to understand their emotions and practice kindness, grace and empathy toward others’ feelings.

Following the performance, students of the GCU Elementary Dance Tour will facilitate creative movement workshops appropriate for elementary students. The workshop encourages interaction, collaboration and community building. This class is accessible to all ages and abilities and will focus more on creative movement exploration.. Creative movement facilitates cognitive benefits such as problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration, comprehension and composition. Students engage in a social capacity through cooperation and collaboration. Students can build emotional intelligence through movement experiences that are shared with others by gaining confidence in themselves and awareness of their bodies and others.


For questions, contact:
Bekki Price
Dance Program Director
[email protected]


Registration and Scheduling

Ethington Dance Ensemble

The GCU Elementary Dance Tour operates through the Ethington Dance Ensemble, a faculty-led organization serving as a professional dance company at GCU. The Ethington Dance Ensemble provides students with opportunities to explore the creative process from rehearsals to live performances.

Members of the Ethington Dance Ensemble strive to lead and serve in their communities by presenting imaginative work, honoring tradition and inspiring the next generation. Since our first season in 2012, our GCU Elementary Dance Tour casts have visited thousands of local students!

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