GCU Elementary Dance Tour 2022

The Body in Motion

The GCU Elementary Dance Tour students will present a dynamic showcase that demonstrates the incredible range and possibilities of movement that the body has when in motion! As beings that engage with and use energy, space and time on a daily basis, the dancers will illuminate the exciting ways we use movement by presenting a performance piece centered around the concepts of motion and the incredible possibilities we are capable of just by having a body!

The performance will take viewers on a journey through the varying and dynamic uses of energy, time and space — teaching these concepts and examining the ways we connect to our environment and the space we inhabit. The residency performance and student-led dance experiences will facilitate an exploration of the body as we consider how the body uses and can amplify all the possibilities for movement.


For questions, contact:

Bekki Price
Dance Program Director
[email protected]

Registration and Scheduling

Tour dates for Spring 2022 have been booked. Please contact Dance Program Director Bekki Price for priority scheduling for Spring 2023.

Ethington Dance Ensemble

The GCU Elementary Dance Tour operates through the Ethington Dance Ensemble, a faculty-led organization serving as a professional dance company at GCU. The Ethington Dance Ensemble provides students with opportunities to explore the creative process, from rehearsal to live performance.

Members of the Ethington Dance Ensemble strive to lead and serve in their communities by presenting imaginative work, honoring tradition and inspiring the next generation. Since our first season in 2012, our Dance Tour casts have visited thousands of local students!

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