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HS Dance Invitational Remote Experience

If you are a part of a dance program based at a dance studio or high school, Grand Canyon University invites you to spend time with our dance program in the College of Fine Arts and Production in a remote experience. This semester, GCU is offering a remote dance experience where your students will join us virtually from the comfort of your studio or their home. This experience is one hour and is offered Mondays between 9 am and 12:30 pm. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Must be booked two weeks in advance.

To take part in the Remote Dance Invitational, your classroom or learners must have internet access and the Zoom software downloaded on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This can be done by visiting the Zoom Download Center in a web browser and downloading ‘Zoom Client for Meetings.' You must also have a projector screen, smart board, TV or another form of a large screen to connect your device so that all participants can view the lesson. A high-volume speaker is also highly recommended to allow all participants to hear the lesson. The use of a webcam or a device with a camera is preferred, but not required. Access to a microphone or a device with a microphone is vital for selective lessons that require a more interactive experience. Register today for your high school or community college students to have the opportunity to take a 45-minute class with GCU dance faculty followed by a Q&A with current dance majors. You can choose one of the following classes: Post-Modern Contemporary technique class, Jazz technique class or Choreography workshop.

Once you register, we will notify you to confirm the date of your remote activity and provide the details of logging in.


  • 5-minute Introduction
  • 45-minute class
  • 10-minute Q & A with current GCU Dance Students

Class options:

Postmodern Contemporary Technique Class

Integrated with somatic influence, this postmodern contemporary class will explore breath, initiation, sensing and connectivity with a student-centered approach that encourages a comprehensive understanding of movement.

Jazz Technique Class

Are you interested in what jazz dance is all about? Hint: It’s not necessarily leaps and double turns. When people dance jazz, it’s a social experience. We bop, we swing and we groove. We get loose! We improvise! We’ll go through a basic warm-up followed by a short dance.

Choreography Workshop

Students will go through a series of activities and exercises to discover innovative movement material and challenge their habitual movement patterns. This workshop will highlight your students artistic voice and provide them with invaluable tools for creating authentic choreography.


Application for GCU Dance Invitationals

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