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Grand Canyon University has a brand new scholarship program to benefit the incoming class of fall 2021!

In addition to our generous scholarship program, students who are nominated by their counselor or school administrator have an opportunity to be considered for additional GCU-funded scholarship aid.

This year we are taking this program to the next level by expanding our reach. We are looking for students who you believe are good matches for GCU and are deserving of extra consideration for one of these special awards. In that regard, we have created nomination categories and we hope you will consider nominating students, as you see fit. The nomination process is easy and no letter of recommendation is required.

Please fill out the form below and nominate only one student per category (multiple forms can be submitted for different students). If you are trying to decide between two categories, select the one that resonates the most.

To be considered, we must receive your nominations by Wednesday, November, 25, 2020 (the day before Thanksgiving).

REQUIREMENTS: Student must meet GCU's acceptance criteria to qualify for consideration of this additional award.

Students who wish to compete regularly, travel for tournaments and commit to supporting their teammates. These students desire to compete at the college level without the intense schedule of NCAA Division I athletes. Ideal students are interested in joining a growing club sports program in one of the sports listed here.

*GCU's nationally-recognized intercollegiate club sports teams offer a highly competitive alternative to our NCAA Division I athletic teams. Club sports athletes have access to high-quality facilities and receive coaching from top-level teams.

Students interested in a competitive Esports program who can help further our competitiveness against other elite teams. Perfect candidates play League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and Apex Legends at a high level and are interested in competing in our new Esports Arena.

Students who put their faith into action and are active participants in a missional community. Ideal students have an authentic and independent interest in pursuing their faith, with the self-advocacy to lead in Christ’s image throughout every aspect of their life.

Students planning to enter pastoral ministry who demonstrate firm faith, passion for Christ and the desire to lead. Ideal students would also be interested in GCU’s Barnabas Pastoral Program, an opportunity to earn both their undergraduate and Master of Divinity degrees in only five years, along with a full-tuition waiver in the fifth year.

Students aspiring to an education career who are looking to hone their skills early on. These students can benefit from learning to teach in a real classroom through our partnerships with local schools. Students with a specific desire to student teach or take on a position at an institution are also ideal candidates.

3.8 unweighted high school GPA required.

Students desiring to enrich their university experience through internships, research projects, mentorship, academic publications, study abroad and more. Students are often graduate school-bound and wish to leverage their Honors College involvement to distinguish themselves from other applicants.

Students who are active in extracurricular clubs and organizations while demonstrating the values of leadership, involvement and community. These students are often collaborative, natural leaders looking for a place to spread their wings and expand their impact.

Students looking to study the arts as well as those wishing to participate in fine arts outside of their major. Students can be gifted musicians interested in playing woodwind, brass or percussion instruments in our nationally-recognized pep band. They can also be students looking for a thriving theatre and dance program.

Students searching for a rapidly growing, technology or engineering program where they can gain hands-on experience starting freshman year through project-based learning, dedicated time in advanced laboratories and access to state-of-the-art equipment. Ideal students desire to collaborate directly with peers and faculty.

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*We must receive your nominations by Wednesday, November, 25, 2020 (the day before Thanksgiving) in order for them to be considered.

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