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Whether your students are in middle school, high school or community college, it is never too early to encourage them to think about their future education. Book a group tour for your students to visit Grand Canyon University’s campus and start their journey toward higher education, vocational success and personal growth.

High School and Community College

GCU Day offers a unique opportunity for local Arizona students, teachers and counselors to gain first-hand insight into GCU’s exciting campus! Learn about the college experience, academic offerings and participate in a hands-on activity specific to your program of interest. Interact with a GCU student panel, take an in-depth tour of campus, participate in a hands-on activity, and end your day with lunch at a favorite campus eatery. During this event, schools can choose a track option tailored to their interest.

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GCU Day Track Options

All tracks include a presentation, campus tour and lunch. Many tracks include a panel of current GCU students in the programs.

Have you ever come up with a great idea or thought of ways to improve a product or service? For those individuals who like to think in an innovative way or are focused on brand recognition and messaging, our Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurism experience can help students discover how businesses look at different situations while coming up with unique marketing solutions. Students will also visit our Canyon Ventures business facility and participate in a team activity that may allow them to create solutions for two of our on-campus business ventures. Students can also look at ways potential investors would view their marketing ideas.

Students will get the opportunity to experience a human cadaver lab. After the cadaver lab, students will take a deeper look into the terms of the human body through a hands-on experience.

Local high schools have the unique opportunity to help their students gain volunteer experience hours through our CityServe organization. Many high schools require their students to have volunteer hours for graduation. This is a great opportunity for them to serve the community in a meaningful way, understand how we work together and show them one of our partnerships directly connected to our social work program. Students will receive a certificate for two hours of volunteer experience.

Students attending this track1 will experience the thrill and excitement of playing in our Canyon Activity Center! Students will have the opportunity to tour our state-of-the-art weight room, athletic training room and Canyon Activity Center. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to play games on one of the 10 courts in the Canyon Activity Center.

Athletic attire required (closed-toed shoes, clothing that will allow a student to run, bend, jump and stretch)

Super teacher to the rescue! It’s common for us to view teachers as superheroes because we’ve seen them make a difference in our own lives. Students can explore what makes a teacher a super teacher with examples of characteristics seen in effective teachers. Students may have the opportunity to practice practical teaching skills while exploring different teacher scenarios. Students can reflect on their own experiences of super teachers in their own lives, as well as how they plan to change the world of education with an interactive activity.

Engineering – Cars and Lasers

Student groups will participate in a hands-on, Arduino-based activity to understand the basics of circuitry. They will also learn proactively how the disciplines of mechanical, electrical and software engineering all form a robotic system.

Engineering – RFID

Students will participate in hands-on activities with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and learn how the technology is incorporated within the fields of biomedical, electrical and mechanical engineering. Through an interactive session, students will assemble and test an RFID reader and RFID tags to problem solve, while reading a Unique User Identification (UUID) from a RFID technology.

Students will have access to GCU’s state-of-the-art Esports Arena and our high-end gaming PCs. Students will also learn about the career and leadership opportunities available in our Esports programs as well as the competitive teams offered.

Students will explore GCU’s campus and learn more about our program offerings. They will also participate in an interactive “Find Your Career” activity to help prepare for those career conversations to come.

Bloody Behavior is an activity focusing on bloodstain pattern analysis and understanding the characteristics and patterns of blood found in a crime scene investigation. Through the analysis of real animal blood, we observe how blood reacts to different surfaces, different velocities and different situations, all which impact the forensic conclusions about the nature, timing and other details of the crime.

This event is a collaborative activity where students will experience the different stages of developing a team and learning how to capitalize on the strengths of each team member. Students will be given the tools to develop their leadership skills through adaptative communication, positive motivation and goal-oriented persistence.

Students participating in our HOSA Day activities will have the opportunity to engage and interact with a variety of different tools employed by those in the healthcare world, problem-solve through a medical scenario and have some myths from our favorite medical TV shows dispelled! This is a great opportunity for any student to get a small glimpse into the world of healthcare and the opportunities available for them at GCU.

The business sides of hospitality and culinary arts come together in this track. Designed by our hotel’s general manager and head chef, students will complete this track at the GCU Hotel. Students will practice making fast decisions and provide marketing campaigns to help increase occupancy rates during the off-peak season. They will also be provided an event planning scenario.

Students will attend GCU’s very own chapel which may allow them to view the impact that GCU's spiritual life has on its intrinsic and extrinsic community (available on Monday only). If chapel is not available, students can engage in an applied activity which allows them to explore the campus and have a group-guided spiritual teaching, while also learning about the College of Theology. Students will have the opportunity to experience areas on campus where theology and worship students spend their time growing spiritually, such as the GCU Recording Studio.

Students will apply skills in leadership while discovering how they can leverage a pathway toward their future career endeavors while pursuing their education.

This hands-on experience allows high school students to explore the in-depth complexity of virtual reality technology and what makes VR possible. Students will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of virtual reality projects that former GCU students developed utilizing their skillsets from our computer science academic coursework, such as a VR Carnival Games project. During this time, students will understand how other disciplines like cybersecurity, software development and software engineering work in conjunction with computer science.

Below you can request a group tour that best fits your needs. Tours are not guaranteed and are subject to university approval. We ask that all group tour requests be made at least four weeks in advance, although special accommodations may be granted.

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