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As part of our community outreach efforts, the GCU Learning Lounge is proud to offer academic support to local K-12 students in our community. These students are tutored and mentored by specially trained college scholars who are passionate about helping the next generation of learners.

The Learning Lounge:

  • Provides virtual and in-person, one-on-one and small group academic assistance services at no cost to the student
  • Learning Advocates (LEADs) are excelling college scholars in the areas of mathematics, reading and science
  • LEADs possess high energy and have a passion to serve others
  • LEADs receive specialized training to assist high school students


We are offering free 40-minute virtual tutoring sessions for grades 2 - 12! Please review the handbook and complete the permission form – you can find both below on this page – before booking your first session. If you already signed a physical form during a previous in-person visit, you do not need to fill out an online form now.

Have a quick question, or need last minute help? Call us at 602-247-2030 to meet with an available LEAD.


Beyond academic assistance services, the Learning Lounge locations offers a study area with oversized couches and chairs, free technology area and many other amenities.

To request more information about the GCU Learning Lounge and its services, please complete the form below:

Student Inspiring Students

Grand Canyon University’s Students Inspiring Students neighborhood scholarship program is a grassroots, self-funded initiative. This scholarship program provides local students with full-tuition scholarships, making education an accessible reality for all. To be eligible for the Students Inspiring Students scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA and receive 100 hours of academic assistance at the Learning Lounge. Scholarship recipients then pay it forward by volunteering their time at the Learning Lounge to help the next generation of scholars.

For more information and to donate to this initiative, please visit gcu.edu/SIS

To apply for this student scholarship, please visit gcu.edu/SISApply

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Contact Us

The two Valley locations we proudly serve students remain unavailable at this time due to COVID-19. Please check back or follow us on social media for updates.

For questions about virtual tutoring sessions, please contact the Learning Lounge at 602-247-2030.

Connect with Us


Zoom or 602-247-2030

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday (Grades 2 – 12)
3 – 8 pm
Saturday (Grades 2 – 12)
10 am – 2 pm

3300 W. Camelback Road
Humanities and Social Sciences
Building 16

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday (High School Only) TBD
Saturday (Grades K-12)

3805 N. 53rd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85031

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday (Grades K-12)
Saturday (Grades K-12)

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For questions or more information, please contact Katy Donaldson at 602-639-8249 or [email protected].

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This Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation (GCUSF) scholarship package is offered in conjunction with Grand Canyon University (GCU). Each organization will pay up to one-half of the award, with the award intended to cover tuition, applicable enrollment and program fees and all other non-room and board costs. Tuition and fees will be covered by a combination of aid such as scholarships and grants from federal, state, private and institutional sources. The scholarship package cannot be applied toward parking, health insurance, housing or meal plan rates and is not transferrable, nor does it hold any cash value. This scholarship package is renewable for up to three years for eligible students who make timely application for renewal and meet all academic requirements. (Note: GCU strongly recommends a minimum of 50 hours of service in the GCU Learning Lounge per academic year in order to receive the letter of recommendation). To remain eligible, a student must be continuously enrolled full-time in the Fall/Spring semester and be in good academic standing. Full-time enrollment constitutes enrollment in 12 credits or more, 8 of which must be on the "Ground Campus." Both GCUSF and GCU reserve the right to decline to award a scholarship for any reason. If a student does not meet the minimum renewal criteria, a scholarship will not be renewed. GCUSF and GCU each reserve the right to change scholarship award and/or renewal criteria at any time without prior notice.

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