Master of Divinity Accelerated Pathways

Students enrolled in Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry or Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, including all emphases, have the opportunity to complete graduate-level courses while earning their undergraduate degree. The accelerated Master of Divinity program serves as a fast-track option to benefit students who desire to jumpstart their graduate studies while completing their bachelor’s.

GCU offers multiple accelerated programs to help you obtain your undergraduate degree and your MDiv in as little as five years. The accelerated MDiv program requires a 12-month program of study and entails graduate coursework only after completing an accelerated undergraduate program. Graduates will earn an MDiv after completing all graduation requirements.

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Accelerated Programs That Lead to the Master of Divinity

Each of these degree programs below can be pursued as part of GCU’s accelerated MDiv pathway program, allowing you to earn your undergraduate degree and a Master of Divinity in as little as five years.

This degree equips students for work in fields such as pastoral ministry, administrative ministry, church-based work, missions, Christian nonprofit services or other ministry-focused work.

This degree takes a modern approach to ministry education. Students learn contemporary theories of communication and organizational leadership as they deepen their relationship with Christ.

This biblical studies degree is an intensive survey of Christian doctrine, Christian history, theology and biblical interpretation.

This global ministry degree looks at Christian doctrines, theological knowledge and cross-cultural ministry within national and international contexts to deepen your understanding of biblical truths and Christian history.

This media and production emphasis program can help prepare students for potential careers in worship leadership, ministry and technical direction and production, including songwriting and performance. You will be provided with a comprehensive theological background and knowledge of the many areas of worship leadership.

This degree provides an intensive theological education to students who wish to faithfully serve others within the Christian church and other Christian organizations. Develop your theological, religious and philosophical knowledge while preparing to engage the public as an ethical servant leader.

This Christian worship leadership BA degree can prepare students to assume roles in church leadership and in the mission field. The program examines a range of historical and contemporary approaches to worship and encourages students to engage in self-reflection regarding their own character and leadership skills.

This worship arts bachelor's degree teaches students the skills needed to pursue possible careers in worship ministry and leadership. GCU provides them with the opportunity to gain a well-rounded foundation of biblical and theological knowledge surrounding aspects of worship ministry. These aspects include creativity, artistry, musical ability and performance, along with ministerial preparation and leadership skills.

This program guides students in acquiring a solid framework of knowledge in Christian doctrine, theology, biblical truths and Christian history. Graduates have the necessary communication, leadership and interpersonal skills to help inspire and engage young people of diverse backgrounds.

If you are ready to accelerate your degree program to focus on ministry within your local church, a Christian organization or other ministerial roles with the compassion, wisdom and sensitivity that Jesus himself exhibited, request more information on GCU’s accelerated MDiv program.

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