Canyon Professional Development

Geared toward diverse 21st century learners, our Canyon Professional Development (Canyon PD) program offerings are led by educational experts with a wide array of experience and knowledge. Whether you choose an on-site session or attend a campus event,* the Canyon PD team will deliver valuable insight, instruction and support. Ultimately, our goal is to help generate excellence through a range of unique learning opportunities, the latest educational topics and active learning strategies. We're providing professional development with a purpose.

Get started by scheduling a 30-minute consultation to discuss your professional learning needs.

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Steps to Your Customized K-12 Professional Development

Step One: Pick a Topic

  • Blended and Online Instructional Support
  • Educational Technology Tools
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Supports for Students with Special Needs
  • Classroom Management
  • Cooperative Strategies
  • Formative Assessment Practices
  • Effective Questioning
  • STEM Implementation
  • Problem- and Project-Based Learning
  • Restorative Practices
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Service
  • ...and more!

For a complete listing, view our course catalog.

Step Two: Choose a Delivery Method

  • Virtual or in-person
  • One or multiple sessions
  • Bundle multiple sessions to save or purchase a subscription
  • One hour to all day
  • Small audiences to large; one fee for up to 50 participants

Step Three: Fine-Tune Your Experience

  • Align with your school's mission and vision
  • Select your audience: teachers, support staff and/or administration
  • All grades or grade bands

Step Four: Continue the Learning

  • Add coaching to your selections
  • Purchase a recording for future reference

For questions or more information on any of these offerings, please email [email protected].

Canyon PD Subscription Models

Save time, reduce costs and build staff expertise with our Canyon PD subscriptions! We provide professional development with purpose through inspiring opportunities and practical programs for educators, administrators and staff. Ranging from online sessions to customized coaching at your site, our workshops are all designed to empower your employees and add value to your school.

We have subscription model options available both in Phoenix and outside the Phoenix metro area. Whether it’s a professional development event at GCU* or on-site workshop session, you can choose the level and delivery method that is best for your educators and programs.

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2021 Events and Programs

Free Virtual Trainings and Workshops

We are here to walk alongside our educators and community by creating informational webinars to support you and your students. We are here to listen to your needs and concerns as we meet everlasting needs of K-12 students. These webinars are designed to meet changing needs in a timely fashion and provide free resources to educators. The webinars are recorded and available on the Canyon PD YouTube channel for convenient viewing.

Gain valuable insight and tips at the Principals’ Collaborative Community.  All webinars will be held from 10 – 11 am Arizona Time. Participation in the Principals' Collaborative Community is free. 

  • Sept. 30
  • Nov. 18
  • Jan. 20
  • Feb. 24
  • April 14

Webinar details coming soon.

Join Canyon PD experts and learn varying educational and teaching topics. Webinars are at noon Arizona Time.

  • July 14
  • Aug. 11
  • Sept. 8 
  • Oct. 13
  • Nov. 10
  • Dec. 8

Webinars for Teachers Registration

For questions, email [email protected] or connect with us for tips and other resources on:

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*Due to COVID-19, all upcoming in-person campus events have been canceled, postponed or moved to a virtual setting.

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