Homeschool Resources

Support for Homeschool Families and Groups

Grand Canyon University supports families and homeschool students by offering personalized services for moving on to postsecondary education. Our dedicated university counselors help with:

  • Planning your child's transition to college
  • Submitting transcripts
  • Navigating the scholarship application and award letter process
  • Advising about the opportunity to graduate early by earning dual enrollment credits
  • Exploring academic programs, campus life and more
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Join GCU's ALPHA Program

The Alliance Program for Homeschool Achievement (ALPHA) is a Grand Canyon University Strategic Educational Alliance (SEA) participant program providing support services and opportunities for homeschooling co-ops and families. ALPHA strives to elevate homeschool learning by benefitting students, parents and leadership through alliance scholarships and grants, university program discounts, professional development and free group opportunities.

  • College prep forum covering GPA/ACT/SAT requirements, scholarships and majors
  • Dual enrollment course planning for specific majors
  • Free afternoon tutoring for dual enrollment students
  • Transcript how-to
  • Campus tours and student panels
  • GCU representation at college fairs and back to school nights
  • Workshops on topics such as STEM, human anatomy, forensic science, speech and debate
  • Discover GCU - overnight college experience
  • High School matinees and meet the actors at GCU's Ethington Theatre
  • Recording Studio tours
  • GCU Chapel services on Mondays at 11 am during the school year

High School Dual Enrollment

Get a head start on pursuing your degree and earn college credits early through dual enrollment courses online or during summer session at GCU.


  • Significantly reduced tuition and additional scholarships
  • Financial savings on overall college expenses
  • Faster career entry to start earning an income and paying off student loan debt
  • More than 40 exciting online courses

Credits and Costs:

  • Each dual enrollment course is four semester credits and runs seven weeks
  • Courses are transfer-friendly and students may take up to 32 credits (eight courses)
  • Each dual enrollment course is $210 ($52.50 per credit)
  • eBook fee is $85 + tax per course (online students only)
  • Additional textbook fees may apply

To schedule a campus tour or get more information on becoming and ALPHA member, dual enrollment and becoming a GCU student, please fill out the form below. You can also connect with us on our Facebook page.

To minimize debt, and graduate with the least amount of debt possible, GCU encourages students to accept the most beneficial sources of financial assistance first, such as scholarships, grants, work-study (if eligible), student worker positions, and GCU’s interest-free payment plan options. Compare the terms of federal loans before applying for private loans.