Doing Business with Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University has retained the services of Grand Canyon Education, Inc.'s (GCE) Procurement Department through a Master Services Agreement. This was done to assist GCU and GCU's subsidiaries in their procurement activities and to ensure GCU is reducing costs for goods and services, maximizing their spending coverage, negotiating cost and legal terms with suppliers, employing industry best practices, leveraging the latest procurement technologies and streamlining processes. The GCE Procurement Department will become an extension of GCU's existing resources in a non-obtrusive fashion.

GCU supports partnerships with suppliers that meet performance and compliance standards. Additionally, GCU works to establish and refine innovative processes that will enable them to collaborate more effectively, improve service to internal departments and contribute to collective bottom-line business success.

GCU requires a wide range of commodities, products and services from a breadth of high-quality suppliers to effectively support day-to-day business operations. The GCE Procurement Department maintains a centralized team of purchasing experts to manage these strategic procurement decisions across a number of broad categories including:

  • Office supplies, equipment and services
  • Facilities, furniture and fixtures
  • Technical equipment and support telecommunications 
  • Printed collateral and promotional Items
  • Advertising 
  • Other products and services including travel and vending services

The GCE Procurement Department is a primary resource available to the supplier community on matters including those relating to company processes and policies. The department gathered the most essential and requested resources to ensure that all contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers have easy access to GCU's supplier code of conduct, terms and conditions, invoicing requirements, new supplier interest form and other helpful links.

For more information on doing business with GCU or the supplier expectations, please view the documents below. These documents will guide you toward success with GCU.

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